New Delhi: In a letter to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi has opposed the proposed move to exempt nuclear regulatory bodies from the ambit of the Right to Information Act.

Gandhi opposed the proposals in the Nuclear Safety Regulation Act (NSRA) relating to introduction of new exemption clause in the RTI Act which will prohibit disclosure of nuclear energy and radiation issues under the transparency law.

 He also opposed the proposed changes in the law which would keep the proposed regulatory bodies of nuclear energy in the country in the list of bodies exempted from the RTI Act.

“The existing provisions under section 8 are more than adequate for protecting sensitive information about nuclear energy facilities," Gandhi mentioned in his letter.

He said the NSRA Bill seeks to vest an enormous discretion in the hands of such bodies to withhold people's access to information.

“Nuclear energy is as much about development of the country as it is about the safety and well being of the citizens,” said Gandhi.

Gandhi added, “High degree of transparency in such matters would go a long way in building people's confidence in the government's ability to establish and maintain nuclear energy facilities and also act as a check on any mistakes which may be made.”