US authorities have been investigating India's second-largest information technology services exporter since 2011.

The media report had earlier said that United States was expected to announce a resolution in the case on Wednesday. A resolution had yet to be finalized, Infosys said in a statement on Tuesday.

"In response to reports attributed to Justice Department officials, Infosys is in the process of completing a civil resolution with the government regarding its investigation of visa issues and I-9 documentation errors," the company said.

I-9 forms document verification of the identity of employees and their authorization to work in United States.

"The resolution has not been finalized," Infosys said.

"Infosys denies any claims of systemic visa fraud, misuse of visas for competitive advantage, or immigration abuse," the company said in an addition to its statement.

Indian IT outsourcing firms like Infosys use thousands of visas to bring in employees, mainly from India, a practice that has come under intense scrutiny as it is seen by some US policymakers as hurting the American job market.

Earlier in October 2013, Infosys said it had set aside a reserve of USD 35 million as it worked towards a resolution for US government's investigation.


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