"These are the areas we have to get into – complex intelligent applications, data sciences, analytics," Sikka said in a media interview.
Sikka said Infosys' iconic co-founder NR Narayana Murthy has told him that he will not interfere in the firm's working.

"I would love to get his (Murthy's) advice. He has told me very clearly that he will not interfere... not second guess or any other. And he has made it crystal clear. But on the other hand, I feel like I would be totally remiss in my job – this is an incredible iconic pioneer in the country not only in the industry and we have such an amazing instinct…of course in the life of a company. That in the life of a company there comes a time when the instinct of the founder has to be transformed...," he added.
Giving insights on Infosys' future strategy, Sikka said that the firm will work on streamlining various verticals, which will compliment each other.
"We have built great applications that are not widely known. We can't create two different companies - the one that does the new sexy stuff that Vishal is interested in and the other is the boring dull stuff. This is not the point. The key is that the same teams," he added.
The former Board member of the German software giant SAP said he would be keen to work with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has struck an "inspirational" chord with the citizens.
In a separate media interview, the first outsider and non-founder Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Infosys said his vision is to regain the past glory of the Bangalore- headquartered firm and turn it into an industry bellwether.

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