Hyderabad: Country's second largest software exporter Infosys Limited is eyeing big opportunities in cloud computing but advocates that there is need to put in place a policy framework for the same.

Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO and managing director of Infosys said that Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is preparing a draft on the policy and would submit the same to the Government next month.

Cloud computing facilitates sharing of technological resources, software and digital information. It operates on a pay-per-use model, helping companies to cut costs as they do not have to invest heavily in infrastructure.

"CII is putting together a draft paper on the opportunities in cloud computing and what should be the policy frame work on this. The opportunities are huge for country like India in providing citizen services. And if we have the right regulatory frame work then we can accelerate," he told reporters on the sidelines of an event here.

He said that cloud services currently form about 3 per cent of Infosys’ overall income and more than 10 per cent if cloud products are also included.

Replying to a question on the company’s focus, he said that Infosys would concentrate on core issues in cloud like transitioning companies towards cloud, running cloud services and new solutions offering.

He, however, said that some of the issues like data privacy and security should be addressed properly and it is possible with a proper regulatory frame work in place.

"Regulatory frame work would give confidence that the service providers will provide the service securely and reliably.  We need a regulatory frame work in place also to ensure data privacy. But the data centre should be located in
India," Kris said.

He opined that creation of infrastructure for cloud computing requires huge investment.

A senior official of the company said that Infosys has already appointed 2000 experts to work on the technology.