New Delhi: The key infrastructure output which was forced to bite dust in October has again regained form in November. As 6.8 percent growth has been experienced in cement, power and other basic industries, it will certainly have an impact on the data for industrial production in November. However, the growth of core industries during April-November remained at 4.6 percent.

According to reports, the growth rate of eight key sectors was shoddy since August and contracted to just 0.3 percent in October. But slight improvement in cement, power, refinery and coal sector fueled the economic growth rate to 6.8 percent.

While cement production registered a growth of 16.6 percent in November as compared to 4.3 percent decline in the same month last year, the power sector also improved by 14.1 percent last month.

The production of coal has also stepped up by 0.7 percent in same month last year to 4.9 percent this November. However, the lack of production in fertilizers is still a matter of concern for the government.

After the 5.1 percent decline in October, the industries hinted a ray of hope in November. This appreciation in basic industries also led to brightening prospects for industrial production for the month.

However, the April-October records of the current fiscal have yet not proved to be a satisfactory industrial output with basic industrial growth at just 4.6 percent. Tough times lie ahead as output growth of coal, natural gas and fertilizer still falls in negative category. During this period, 4 percent decline in coal output, 8.5 percent decline in natural gas and 0.1 percent decline in fertilizer output have been registered.