Hyderabad: A unique international initiative to conserve medicinal plants and promote traditional knowledge related community level health was launched at the ongoing United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity on Friday.
The initiative was launched in collaboration with the UN University Institute of Advanced Studies, Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, UN Development Programme's
Equator Initiative, UN Environment Programme, Secretariat of Convention on Biological Diversity, National Biodiversity Authority of India, Biodiversity International, the Wildlife
Trade Monitoring Network and Comparing and Supporting Endogenous Development.
"The need and potential for strengthening traditional understanding and practices related to health at the community level has not been sufficiently addressed in planning processes. Unlike mainstream health interventions, this involves a comprehensive assessment of various contributing factors to health, including biological resources, knowledge and human resources," UNU-IAS officials said.
Achieving better health access and sustainably using biodiversity at the level of local communities requires multi-pronged strategies, they said.
The initiative aims to strengthen linkages in the sectors of health and biodiversity focusing on traditional knowledge and the relevance of community wellbeing across different countries with a rich bio-cultural diversity, they said.
The UNU-IAS will bring on board its research, capacity building, networking as well as coordination strengths, and will also anchor the initiative, they said.



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