In view of the soaring popularity of Anna Hazare, who waged a crusade against corruption and bent the ruling dispensation to make a powerful Jan Lokpal Bill with the participation of civil society, leaders cutting across political parties and self-righteous intellectuals have had hosts of butterflies in their stomach and they have started passing unwarranted statements in order to eclipse his larger-than-life image. Sensing the sagging popularity owing to lax approach towards stemming corruption when series of scams have become talk of the day, they want to deflect attention of people from the scene that has been created by Anna’s movement. Anna Hazare wants a strong Lokpal Bill which will be effective to bridle malpractices and corrupt conduct of people sitting in high places, but leaders look averse to cleanse the system. In a bid to malign his global image, the leaders blame him by saying that Anna is trying to weaken democracy and defame netas. Can these leaders explain, who have been in power sometime or other— why Lokpal Bill has hang-fired for 43 years? Has the democratic system of India been strengthened by keeping the Bill under wraps? Why hasn’t any political party shown its keenness to grant autonomy to CBI or to equip Central Vigilance Commission with more power, which could prove to be an effective stonewall against corruption?

It is true that all leaders are not corrupt, but the point is that they are not least bothered about the recommendations of Second Administrative Reform Commission. Why the honest leaders of the ruling party closed their eyes when the Central government was giving a clean chit to tainted former Telecom Minister A Raja and vouching for credibility of PJ Thomas? Leaders cutting across political spectrum generally claim for their clean image, but the reality is that their personal benefits always take precedence over national interests. They must know that slamming Anna Hazare will bring them naught. Some political figures are taking a dig at Anna for praising Narendra Modi, when he clarified his stand by saying that he has high words for development made by the Modi government. Isn’t it true that Gujarat has done a great job as far as the development is concerned? The attitude of leaders clearly shows that they are not ready to learn lesson from the way Anna galvanized nation to stand against malpractices and corrupt system. It is better that leaders should shed their ego and come clean with a vision for the nation building.