The government finally had to yield before the power of Indians, after the third round of talk with the representatives of veteran social activist Anna Hazare who has started crusade against the deep-rooted corruption in the governance and political system, observing a fast unto death. It clearly reflects the contrast of scenario-- the defeat and inefficiency of government and victory of people in true spirit of democracy. It is worth mentioning that the government had shown slipshodness while constituting JPC to probe the 2G spectrum scam. It is still fresh in our memory that the Central dispensation had been vouching for the integrity and efficiency of tainted CVC P J Thomas until the Supreme Court showed him the door. Had the government been honest and shown its keenness to curb corruption, it would not have encountered such an embarrassing situation created after Anna Hazare-led agitation for Lokpal Bill, which was pending for decades, and motivated people to stand tough against misgovernance. The government woke up from deep slumber when pressure was mounted by people across the length and breadth of India, which vividly spell out how the leaders, destiny makers of the nation, are ignorant and insensitive to the interests of aam admi. The people of the country have lost faith in the government system. They are tired of empty promises made by leaders now and then. For the last 8-9 months a string of scams and scandals have cropped up and the government is singing paean of taking action against graft and sleaze but nothing tangible and convincing move has come up to curb corruption.

The draft of Lokpal Bill made by the government literally indicates that the policy makers are more concerned with unscrupulous elements as the Bill does not give power to Lokpal to take direct action on any complaint. It looks absurd that Lokpal cannot take action against any minister and MP until there is consent of the Lok Sabha Speaker and Raya Sabha Chairman. It appears pointless why bureaucrats and judges are kept outside the Bill. It is profound irony that the government was hell-bent on bringing such toothless Lokpal Bill. If the government is committed to bridle corruption, as it advocates, why is the Centre not taking any step to make CBI autonomous and provide more power to Chief Vigilance Commissioner. Whatever its claim may be, but it is crystal clear, the government does not have the will to cleanse the system.