Instagram's new screen squeezes the Edit, Location Tag, User Tag and Caption tools in one, and there is a "Swipe to Filter" overlay that allows the users to sample different filters instead of tapping through many options.

Earlier, the users had to select a filter, choose from various editing tools, tap the next arrow then add their caption and location. The new feature is rolling out via a server-side update, and is Android specific at present.

Recently, Instagram had launched a revamped website for desktops that will enhance the size of photos and make them appear much bigger than the present form.

the profile pages on the desktop will begin to display three large images in each row after the update. The new pages have already started to roll out and should be visible to everyone by the end of the week.

Instagram's more than 300 million users will soon see a lot more advertisements in their feed of travelscapes, breakfast scones and stylish babies. When Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, the popular, free photo-sharing app had no ads.