Dehradun: The procedural installation of much-awaited High Security Number Plates (HSNP) on motor vehicles became operational here from Tuesday.

In pursuance to install new registration number plates, vendor Utsav Link have already established necessary infrastructure in Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Dehradun. Initially these number plates would only be installed on new motor vehicles purchased after February 21.

State Road Transport Department has sent a list of such vehicles to the vendor.

The same procedure will be followed in future for installation of number plates.

Firstly, Transport Department will prepare and send a list of all old and new vehicles to vendor, after which the installation of HSNP will be done.

RTO office complex too small

There are about five lakh motor vehicles in Dehradun and 50 thousand new vehicles are purchased every year.

According to plan, the installation process of new number plates should be completed in span of two years.

Department has planned to install new number plates on 950 vehicles every day, but they don’t have enough space to park so many vehicles in their complex.