New Delhi: While the world gears up to observe the 19th International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, their neglect in India depicts a totally different picture altogether.

Bihar, UP neglect physically disabled

To help out such people, the country has a several government organizations which function at various levels. Albeit, the bodies for the upliftment of physically challenged groups lack the representation of such people.

Even though Schedule Castes, backwards and other ignored sections have a reservation in the Parliament and assembly, the physically challenged people remain ignored in these constitutional bodies. 

Plans are in the pipelines to provide reservation to women in the Parliament and assembly. But none of the concerned authorities are least bothered about the people who need the maximum attention.

The government claims to provide these people with equal opportunities and rights but the recent exposures establish it to be just false promises.

Presently, around 20 organisations are operating for the welfare of physically challenged people across the country. But they are working on the similar lines and so far these organizations have failed to impart justice by not encouraging their participation in it.

A glaring example in this context is National Handicap Finance and Development Corporation which works for the welfare of disabled people by providing financial assistance for self-employment purposes has no physically challenged member in its Board of Directors.

Social activist Vikash Sharma, who is fighting his battle for these people since a long time said “The condition is almost same in every organisation. Despite having vacancies under the physically challenged quota, these organizations have chosen to remain blind and deaf in entertaining the woes of these people.”

The Parliament has given reservation to the scheduled castes for bringing them in the mainstream society. On the other hand, they are mulling over giving reservation status to women for their empowerment. But when it comes to the people with disability, the people’s representatives remain unanswerable in the entire scene, he added.

Moreover, the negligent attitude of the government prevails at such a juncture when the law making body has already passed the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995.

The government had announced the set up of a parliamentary committee for ensuring the effective implementation of the law. But the promises have remained unfulfilled so far and the disabled people are still waiting for their active representation and participation in the country.