Washington: Reacting to the 18-hour insurgent attack on Kabul achieved "no tactical gains" and was largely symbolic; US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said on Monday and praised the response of Afghan security forces.
"There were no tactical gains here. These are isolated attacks that are done for symbolic purposes," Panetta told a news conference. He said "The Afghan army and police did a great job of reacting to these attacks. They quickly restored order; they quickly restored security in those areas."
The Pentagon Chief added that the Taliban and its allies have been unable to regain territory lost in the past year and that NATO's war strategy "is succeeding."       

In Sunday's elaborate attack, teams of militants, some disguised as women in burqas, targeted government offices, embassies and foreign bases in Kabul and neighboring provinces.
The attacks left 51 dead, including four civilians, 11 members of the security forces and 36 militants. Afghan President Hamid Karzai Monday blamed intelligence failures, particularly on the part of NATO forces, for the biggest coordinated militant attacks on Kabul in 10 years of war.
The US military's top officer, General Martin Dempsey, said there had been intelligence reports beforehand that indicated the threat of a potential attack but that the timing of the possible strike was "vague."