The Indian Premier League has been in news for all the wrong reasons in the recent past. First it was the match fixing controversy that rocked IPL then the ugly spat between SRK and the MCA officials. And not to forget the molestation charges against Royal Challengers Bangalore player Luke Pomersbach. It’s unfortunate that these instances have given a chance to some people to criticize this successful event. However, there is not any good reason to pull down curtains on this fantastic event. Undoubtedly the recent proceedings have been very unfortunate but that doesn’t mean that IPL should be shown the door. It is like asking to shut the railways due to occasional train mishaps. The detractors of IPL are certainly free to criticize the event but with some sanity. At the same time the IPL officials should take criticism in their stride and find ways to correct it. Transparency should be made the pivot around which the event is organized.

Had IPL officials been strict with rules and regulations, the SRK brawl wouldn’t have taken place. It seems that IPL has given special privileges to some who are taking undue advantage of the situation. On the other hand the MCA too is trying to show its dominance or else it wouldn’t have banned Shahrukh Khan without giving him a hearing. A graver incident happened in Delhi where Luke Pomershbach of RCB was charged with molestation. The IPL officials cannot be completely absolved off the blame as they should have been careful of notorious IPL parties. Now the officials should cooperate with the investigating authorities to punish those who are guilty. Indisputably the IPL has proved to be a successful event and benefited players in a massive way but to make it a larger success the officials should be ready to overcome any shortcomings.