Intel is preparing a 64-bit Bay Trail Atom platform for Android and the company is planning to make it available by next year.

According to a top official of Intel, though Microsoft has been in the scenario for past one decade, Android has emerged as a truly reliable option and its marketing prospects have also increased.

The official further said that Android applications are prepared for phone in portrait mode and an ample percentage doesn’t exist in landscape mode for bigger screens.

Intel is planning to scale Android to 64-bit and incorporate it from Atom from low-end Atom processors to the high-end Core processor series, which will allow it to make a foray into bigger screen and make the option of multi-windowing possible.

With Microsoft dominating the OS platform for quite a long time, Intel’s plans to come up with a powerful version of Android will surely raise the bar of competition and heat up the OS market.

Nevertheless, the users for sure will have a ball if the advanced version of Android makes its way to larger screens.