New Delhi: Your privacy will no longer remain insulated as the intelligence agencies are looking out for new methods to track each and every conversation made by you. The agencies are not satisfied with tapping the phone rather they have announced mapping of every mode of conversation.

The intelligence agencies have issued a decree for monitoring all calls, text messages and other sophisticated mode of communication. From Secured Socket Layer (SSL), Steganography, video chats to push messages, intelligence agencies want to scan every mail, according to sources.

Now, Department of Telecom (DoT) has been entrusted with the task of building potential technology and roping in private companies. The agencies have submitted their demands to the government which enlists all necessary equipments used to decipher confidential messages and conversations. Encryption is said to a key to decode all the messages.

The technology which interprets the messages from computer, wireless communication, mobile devices, networking, etc works on the encryption system. The key to open the message is with the sender, receiver and the operator which provides the system. This is the flashpoint to which the Ministry for Home Affairs (MHA), DoT and operators are stuck.

According to MHA, the operator has to help agencies in deciphering the encrypted message and the details of the communication should be given to intelligence in easy written language.

However, DoT is of the view that the key for opening and decoding the message will be saved in a system which can be accessed by intelligence agencies any time.

A high level committee of DoT is looking into the matter and it is likely that the operators will help the agencies understand the message.

Anshuman Tiwary/JPN