Jaipur: The increased activities of Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in Rajasthan have put the Intelligence agencies on the alert. In the recent past, there has been an active movement of SIMI activists of different states in the Rajasthan villages near the Pakistan border.

Following which the security agencies have started examining the records of SIMI leaders who had been active in the past. A decade ago, this oufit was active in Jodhpur, Pali and Sirohi areas of Rajasthan. Two SIMI leaders had been arrested in Jodhpur.

Three years back, the posters of SIMI were seen in Jodhpur, Pali and Jaisalmer but the oufit did not promote any activity.

On the basis of feedback, the Intelligence agencies started the investigation against SIMI leaders previously active in Maharashtra and Gujarat, and traced their links with South Rajasthan.

Sources maintained that SIMI activists are campaigning hard to expand their network by luring the beleaguered youths to join the terror group. The Intelligence agencies have shared vital information with each another regarding the meetings held by SIMI.

The Intelligence agencies have received vital inputs regarding the activities of Tablighi Jaamat members from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra in the village of Rajasthan near Pakistan border. Following which, the Intelligent Agencies are maintaining a strict vigil on the Tablighi Jaamat members.

Last week, the Union Home Ministry had sought information from Rajasthan government on SIMI activities. In its response to the Home Ministry, the Rajasthan state government had said a total of 11 cases had been filed against the SIMI till February, 2011.