Islamabad: The Pakistani judicial commission probing the killing of Osama bin Laden removed an intelligence operative from its proceedings after journalists pointed out his presence to the judge heading the panel, media reports said on Saturday.

The incident occurred at a meeting convened by the panel in Abbottabad on Friday to record the statements of some journalists.

Some persons pointed out to members of the commission that an official from an intelligence agency was present in the room.

Justice Javed Iqbal, the head of the panel, asked the intelligence operative how he entered the premises.

The man claimed he had come inside with the janitorial staff.

On hearing this, Iqbal asked him to leave the room, the reports said on Saturday.

Speaking to journalists informally, Iqbal said the commission had collected evidence and its report would be compiled as soon as possible.

He urged journalists to record their statements and said the commission would guarantee their security.

This was the commission's second visit in September to Abbottabad, where US special forces killed the Al Qaeda leader on May 2.

The commission visited bin Laden's compound for the second time on Friday.

The government has asked the panel to probe how bin Laden's presence in Pakistan went undetected, to investigate circumstances surrounding the 40-minute US operation and the nature and causes of lapses by concerned authorities.