Here, we have enlisted some more information about Republican Donald Trump that you must know.

1. You will be surprised to know that US Presidential candidate Donald Trump neither smoked nor drank alcohol. His elder brother Fred was an alcoholic and warned Trump to avoid drinking.

2. At the age of 13, he was sent to the New York Military Academy because he was so full of energy. He did well in the academy and graduated in 1964.

3. Trump's father Fred Trump was a very rich man. He owned apartment complexes in Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

4. Trump is an noted author. He has written at least 50 books. His first book 'The Art of the deal' was published in 1987.

5. Although Trump does not drink, he launched his own brand of vodka in 2006. However, production of vodka was halted in 2011 due to its meagre sale.

6. Donald is a fan of the World Wrestling Entertainment and he has been a staunch supporter of this organization. He also used to own the 'Monday Night Raw' franchise.

7. Trump is the only Presidential candidate with his own board game titled 'Trump: The Game'.

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