While enjoying our rights and freedom, how often do we think about the Constitution. Here are some interesting facts about our Constitution that would leave you awestruck.

Indian Constitution is the longest written constitution that any sovereign country has. It has 448 articles, 12 schedules and over 100 amendments.

It took the members of the Constituent Assembly two years, 11 months, and 17 days to draft the Constitution for Independent India.

The Constitution of India was inspired by the constitutions of other nations like British Constitution, United States Constitution, Irish Constitution, Australian Constitution, French Constitution, Canadian Constitution and Constitution of the Soviet Union.

The original document of Constitution of India which was hand drafted in both Hindi and English language, contained approximately 80,000 words.

The Constitution was signed by 284 members of the Constituent Assembly two days before it came into effect.

The Assembly framing the Constitution has 13 committees. The most important drafting committee which was responsible for making constitution comprised Dr BR Ambedkar, N Gopalaswami Ayyar, KM Munshi, Syyed Mohd Saadulla, N Madhav Rao and DP Kahitan.

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