The actor penned his viewpoints for a leading daily, where he states that he chose to write on the issue as it concerns his family and friends.

Speaking with an open mind on a much debatable issue, the actor said that an inter-religion marriage, borne out love between two people can be in no way a 'Jihad'.

Quoting examples from his own family the 'Cocktail' actor said that he comes from a family where his parents Sharmila Tagore and MAK Pataudi, did struggled to get married as the royals from one side and the Brahmins on the other were not convinced with the idea of inter-marriage.

However his parents got married and he was brought up in an environment where he learnt that God is one, though we call him with different names.

The actor states that the issue bothers him as religious intolerance has not been uprooted yet. The actor said that his marriage with Kareena also brought similar death threats and the social media was flooded with ridiculous stuff speaking of 'love jihad'.

Saif argued that religion needs to be separated from a lot of things, and opined that in an inter religion marriage, both the partners are free to practice religion and spiritual proceedings they believe in.

The Chhote Nawab further stated that he is aware of the fact that people are scared of marrying their daughters into Muslim families as they fear conversion, quick divorces and multiple marriages.  

The staunch practices are a thing of past, he states and writes "All this is undoubtedly outdated. A lot of Islam needs to modernise and renew itself in order to be relevant. We also need a loud moderate voice to separate the good from the evil."

Khan has garnered immense support for his strong head argument on the sensitive issue. People from all corners have taken to social media platforms including Twitter to support the actor who believes that prior of being a 'Hindu' or a 'Muslim' he is an 'Indian'.

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