New Delhi: Alert Cappuccino aficionados across the country!!!  Do not give miss out on the three-day International Coffee Festival starting from January 18 in New Delhi. 

The eyelids will not drop a single time during the fest as different varieties of coffee from 16 countries, leading cappuccino brands, business and coffee houses are expected to set the event on fire.

All the leading brands and their manufacturers will make a bid to draw the attention of visitors from the very aroma of their exotic coffee.

Apart from picking up the favorite cuppa of the desired brand, one can master the art of making it too. Expert tips of chefs from India and foreign countries in coffee preparation can bring a world of difference in the small coffee cup. 

The fourth chapter of India International Coffee Festival which will be organized at New Delhi will also serve as a platform to bring together the domestic tool manufacturers and foreign coffee producers, traders and retailers. Also, the present challenges for the producers and traders of the coffee will be discussed during the fest.

Giving information about the festival, Commercial Secretary Rahul Kullar said the business of coffee in India is on rise. He added that global economic meltdown has failed to make any impact on the coffee business.

Coffee Board Chairman Javed Akhtar, India Coffee Trust president Anil Bhandhari were also present on the occasion.