Irkutsk: Russian authorities on Wednesday claimed to have busted an international drug trafficking gang and seized five kilograms of heroin.

The gang, which was involved in drug trafficking from Middle Asia to the Siberian Federal District, was made up of two Kazakh citizens and two comers from the North Caucasus, said Officers of the Federal Security Service department.

"The drug trafficking channel was stable due to widely branched corruption ties of the gang along the whole drug trafficking channel from Middle Asia to East Siberia," the FSB department said.

The heroin batch was tracked down by the FSB operatives along the entire route from abroad to Russia.

After the operatives learnt all members in the drug chain, the FSB commandoes detained the drug mules in Angarsk.

Two other members of the gang were detained in the Kemerovo Region several days later.

All suspected gave confessing testimony at the interrogation. The criminal case was opened against them for drug trafficking. (Itar-Tass).