Whether it's via a fashion brand, a beauty and wellness range, yoga classes or bakery solutions, some women  entrepreneurs are making the most of their skills and talent to make themselves self-reliant.

24-year-old, Gujarat-based Ranu Patel, who sells gel back covers and leather flip covers for mobile phones says, "In the beginning, the profit margins were small because I wanted to establish myself as a reliable seller".

Sneha Mehta, who runs an fashion luxury brand Kukoon, says women are born as experts in the art of balancing, but supportive in-laws can be a bigger boon. "I try my best to give good quality time to both my work and family and I'm lucky to get a supportive family and my staff who have been my strong pillars to keep me going," says Mehta.

There's another example in aroma therapist Rupal Shabnam Tyagi, who has launched Wikka, an exclusive line of beauty and wellness potions. She says family support is key for women entrepreneurs."When you meet with a like-minded person who understands you and is willing to be by your side in your life's journey, you are ready to take the plunge," said Tyagi.

Talking of stress, there's certified yoga trainer Manisha Kharbanda, who launched BrahmYog, a brand in lifestyle space in 2014. "Being born and brought up in the princely estate of Patiala, the lifestyle issues were aplenty. Each time I hit the streets, I could see people indulging in unhealthy habits vis-a-vis food, alcohol and drug abuse. It always inspired me to divert them to a healthier way of life," says Kharbanda.

Whether it's for money, for passing time, to optimise their skills or for the betterment of society, the reasons for women to get drawn into the entrepreneurship web are many, and the online medium is helping them in a huge way to spread their wings -- far and wide.

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