Uninor's initiative aims at increasing the internet subscribers base in India. Another similar move was undertaken by Chennai-headquartered Aircel.

Uninor in 2014 launched an exclusive mini data pack in which it provided its users with unlimited access to Facebook and WhatsApp at just Rs 15 per month.

Uninor's parent company, Telenor in 2012 joined hands with Wikimedia Foundation to offer free access  to the online encyclopedia in Malaysia, Malaysia, Montenegro, Myanmar and Thailand.

According to an official press release, domestic telecom service provider Uninor is targeting approximately 50 percent surge in Internet. The idea behind the free access is promoting the concept of cost restriction free learning, Uninor's CEO Vivek Sood said.  

The company will depute its employees who will spread the “Internet for All” campaign, detailing how modern technology can improve the learning experience and how internet can impact the education system in India.

The initiative will mark a discernible shift in the traditional schooling system, specially in rural areas where the internet reach is limited and is subjected to several barriers.

Also, that the company didn't participate in the recently concluded 2015 spectrum auction organised by the Indian government. Although, the company said that it will work it out by sharing, trading and participating in fresh bidding to acquire required bandwidth

Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organisation entered into partnerships with several telecom network providers across the globe to provide free mobile access to m.wikipedia.org and zero.wikipedia.org.

The service got effective starting April 1, 2015 onwards for the next three months.