New Delhi:  The disparity between internet users in small towns and big cities is rapidly reducing, as the usage of internet is witnessing a boom in far flung areas. Numeric figures suggest that small town users if combined exceed the total number of internet users in metro cities.

According to a survey conducted by the Internet and Mobile Association of India, number of internet users in small towns is hastily increasing as compared to the metro users.

The users in towns with 2 lakh population are much more than users in 4 metros. Presently, in metros 1.9 crore people are using internet whereas in towns with 2 lakh population it is more than the 2.1 crore, the survey said.

The survey unveils that people with personal connections are 50 lakhs in Delhi and NCR and in Mumbai the data goes up to 62 lakhs. Again, in small towns such people are 1.16 crore. In towns with 2 lakh population, this data reaches 1.61 crore.

Catching the trend, internet service provider companies are now focusing on these small towns. For instance, users of Tikona Digital’s are increasing swiftly in small towns. Company’s Marketing Head Heramb Ranade said that bills are being planned according to the need of users in small town.

BSNL is already providing internet services in these towns.