Professional networking site LinkedIn's survey also found that the top attributes of a dream job for these people are happiness at work, money and career progression.
"In India, students and early professionals cited internships (53 percent) as a useful and an important step to increase the chances of getting a first job soon," LinkedIn said in a statement on Friday.
Early professionals are those with less than one year of experience.
The findings are based on a survey conducted by LinkedIn, in partnership with CensusWide, that covered over 6,000 students and professionals. Respondents over the age of 16 were surveyed in India, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore.
"More than a third (36 percent) of students and early professionals with less than a year of experience said they believe it will/did take them one to three months to land their first job," it said.
Among the important things to be done after finishing their education, about 35 percent of the respondents said it would be university work while 28 percent felt "building contacts through social media" is also important.
For students and early professionals in India, the top three attributes of a dream job are happiness at work (39 percent), money (39 percent) and career progression (33 percent).
Among those surveyed in India, 26 percent opined that their dream industry to work is IT & telecom, while 11 percent preferred Professional Services. Around 10 percent of the respondents were interested in Finance.
Nishant Rao, who is Country Manager LinkedIn India, said that understanding the concerns and needs of students helps shed light on what companies can do to nurture the next generation of professionals and leaders.

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