The watch is supposed to be an affordable option in competition to the Apple Watch or the Moto 360 and here is what we think of it:

What is good?
Coming down to specifications and keeping the price tag in mind, the iRist is an attractive buy. The iRist has a bigger display (1.56-inch) than the Apple Watch which has 1.32-inch display. The Moto 360, which costs Rs.1,000 more than the iRist, also has a 1.56-inch display.

The advantages of iRist is the independent functionality of the device. The 3G-support SIM  facility gives a new experience to the user. The phone's 600 mAH battery has a backup of 240 minutes of talk time which is not much if seen from the perspective of a phone but from a wearables' perspective it is decent.

The Apple Watch has a battery of 205 mAH and the Moto 360 has a 320 mAH  battery. The iRist also comes with a cool five-megapixel camera (unavailable in all other smart watches).

It also comes with an inbuilt  assistant which  works with the Internet and also Google voice. The assistant is pretty good as it picks up Indian accents too.

While the iRist has a dual-core-512 MB RAM system-on-a-chip (SoC), the Moto 360 has a single-core-512 MB RAM SoC with an internal memory of 4 GB.

The iRist, which has a decent standby battery backup, has connectivity options including Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, USB and GPS. Intex also provides a small health app to count footsteps on the watch.

What doesn't work for the wearable device? The 600 mAH battery, the SIM and SD card slot add to the fat. The resolution on the watch is low and hence the interface of the  Android KitKat that runs the watch seems to have very small fonts giving  the feel that the display is smaller than other smart watches. The pixel density could have been higher to give a glossy touch or smooth finish to the  display.

Another debatable issue with the iRist is its operating system (OS). The watch doesn't use Google's wearable OS named Android Wear. It uses Android Kitkat which is made for smartphones. The OS uses up more power than Android Wear and in the  long run could pose battery issues. In terms of storage, the iRist might be a little disappointing as it comes with 1.38 GB of usable internal storage.

Verdict: It seems that Intex has designed this piece of tech to woo Indian  consumers who have a flair for something new or different. If you are excited and want an affordable smartphone on a watch that also has a camera, the iRist  is a good buy.

Full specifications: 1.56-inch display | 1.2GHz MediaTek MT6572 dual-core  processor | 512 MB RAM | 4 GB internal storage (1.3GB usable) expandable to 32  GB via SD card | 5-megapixel camera | Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | GPS-A | Assistant +  Google Voice |  Colors: Orange, Pink and Black