The supernatural erotica, which has abundant steamy and bold scenes, features Sapna in a lead role as a conniving seductress Meera, and Ali Fazal as Kabir, a writer in search of a story. Gurmeet Choudhary plays Meera's husband Jaidev in the film.

"Intimate scenes were not difficult. The difficult scenes for me in the film were the heavy emotional ones," Sapna said."There were times when I cried all day on set. I couldn't stop crying, it was a very emotionally heavy scene I had done with Gurmeet one day. It was really difficult for me to snap out of Meera's character," she added.

Sapna, who is known for her role as Kiran Rathod in espionage drama TV series "24", finds her journey from TV to Bollywood "unreal"."It was because of '24' that I got 'Khamoshiyan' and a lot of other things also. It was four months after '24' that I signed my first film. It's been unreal. I've got great friends in Mumbai. I couldn't have asked for a better journey," said the 24-year-old Bollywood debutante.

Speaking about her attachment with the film, which released Friday, she said, "'Khamoshiyan' is close to my heart. I'm very overwhelmed and the film has been a great gift to me."Her dark and mysterious character in the film has a lot of secrets and is "very complex".

"Meera is a very complex character. She has a lot of different layers and shades to her personality. She carries a lot of dark secrets from her past. She likes to play mind games and she is very dark and mysterious," she said.

Although she is a 'huge fan' of superstar Shah Rukh Khan, Sapna also appreciates Manoj Bajpayee's work."I'm a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan. I've watched his films more than anybody else's. And, I'm a huge fan of Manoj Bajpayee too," she said.


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