He said lack of scientific temper has often resulted in instances like individual dissenters being ostracised or killed, and banning or withdrawal of books from circulation.
He rued that even scientists succumb to practises that derogate from scientific temper and noted that our education system was insufficiently equipped to inculcate this thinking in young minds.
Emphasising that public acceptance of scientific temper in the society was a pre-condition for fostering and sustaining the cultivation of innovations and scientific research, Ansari said there was need to create the right ambience and structures to encourage scientific research and innovation.
"Much too often there is a lack of scientific temper in our daily life. In our family life, we don't approve of questioning. Most parents don't like children asking questions. In schools, from nursery to high school, teachers frown upon children raising questions.
"In colleges and universities, asking questions is often considered 'cheeky' and an attempt by students to cast doubt a teacher's knowledge of the teacher," Ansari said while inaugurating a panel discussion on 'Scientific Temper: A pre-requisite for Knowledge based Society'.

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