The uproar created in the Parliament over a cartoon of Bhimrao Ambedkar published in the NCERT books reveals narrow political mindset. It is surprising that the controversy created over the cartoon was made in 1949 by renowned cartoonist Keshav Shankar Pillai. Shankar was not only a popular cartoonist but also had cordial relations with many big politicians of that time. He has been considered as a protagonist of political cartoonism. He was very close to Nehru and Ambedkar. If Shankar is to be believed, Ambedkar himself liked the cartoon. At the time the cartoon was made, our constitution was on the verge of being completed and since Ambedkar was involved in framing the constitution no one could have imagined mocking Ambedkar. However, it is sad that today’s politicians think it otherwise and therefore created hullabaloo in the parliament over the cartoon controversy. There certainly seems to be a political motive behind the ruckus as the cartoon which has been published in the NCERT books has been available in the market since 2006.

The cartoon was published in the school textbooks to make the students aware of the scenario prevalent during the formation of the constitution. But the issue was blown out of proportion to meet political gains. Unfortunately for publicity reasons many other politicians joined the chorus against the cartoon. It once again brings to the fore their political immaturity. This is not the first time that such an issue has been distorted as time and again we have been witnessing such scenes. It is due to this callous nature of the politicians that some anti-social elements take undue advantage of the situation. A befitting example to this is the attack on former NCERT advisor Suhash Palshikar’s office. Whoever politician protested against the cartoon calling himself the follower of Ambedkar has actually insulted him. They fail to realize that Ambedkar wanted the country to function according to the core principles of the constitution.