New Delhi: Widely known as father of the computer mouse, Douglas Carl Engelbart passed away on Tuesday night. Engelbart is credited with conceiving the computer mouse and also for laying out a vision of the Internet, decades before the idea was in an inchoate stage and was yet to take shape.

88-year old Engelbart was not keeping well of late and according to his daughter, the tech-wizard passed away during sleep. Douglas Engelbart tasted success pretty early in his career when he delivered a close to 60-minutes presentation in 1968. His presentation included a number of far-sighted ideas, which eventually went on to get massive recognition and acceptance.

The computer mouse made its first ever ‘public appearance’ when Engelbart, then a computer scientist at Stanford Research Institute displayed a cubic device which contained two rolling discs – “X-Y position indicator for a display system.” When he floated his concept, computing was mainly confined to government researchers and others.

Douglas Engelbart won several awards including the prestigious National Media of Technology and Turing Award in his illustrious career. Born to a radio repairman, he was determined that as a computer scientist, he can spell wonders in the field of technology.

Douglas can be truly said to be one of the key harbingers of change in the field of information technology and computer applications. Other technological offshoots may dwarf the significance of a computer mouse, but nonetheless, the utility of mouse commands widespread importance in even the simplest of applications.

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