Lucknow: The case of Lok Sabha Protocol Officer, Janmesh Singh, going missing continues to remain a mystery as the investigative agencies have failed to make headway into the case even after he went missing nine days ago.

On the basis of inquiries and prevailing conditions, investigative agencies are not denying that somebody close to Singh might be behind the case.

The Special Task Force (STF) of UP police, which was assigned the task of investigating the case, has been unable to trace his whereabouts.

The investigative agencies are investigating the case from all possible angles, including kidnap and murder.

Speaking on the matter, the investigators said had it been a case of kidnapping, the kidnappers would have demanded ransom by now, which is not the case.
The officials are also negating the possibility of his murder on the premise that in case of his death, his dead body must have been somewhere.

The investigators have learnt Janmesh had bitter relations with his parents, relatives and in-laws as he had a love marriage with Jalon-based Namrata, five years back.

During inquiry, the STF found some contradictory statements coming from Janmesh’s relatives.

 It should be noted that Janmesh had boarded the Sampark Kranti Express from Delhi on August 27 and was to de-board at Jhansi. The officer has been missing after he was last seen at the Jhansi station.