Mumbai (Agencies): Investors saw money eroded by Rs 1,22,000 crore on Friday as the benchmark Sensex plunged by about 441 points. The fall was attributed to inflationary concerns voiced by the PM and rising interest rates which has added to fears that going forward companies’ profitability could be hurt.

In the process, the total investors' wealth, calculated in terms of cumulative market valuation of all the listed stocks, fell by Rs 1,22,129 crore in a single day to stand at just over Rs 65,00,000 crore at the end of the trading session. Huge losses were seen in blue-chip stocks like RIL, ITC and TCS.

This level of investors' wealth was last seen in July 2010 and the overall market valuation has fallen by over Rs 12,00,000 crore since Diwali last year.

On Diwali day, Sensex had scaled its record high closing level of 21,004 points, while the total investors' wealth had gone past Rs 77,00,000 crore.

Out of the total loss recorded on Friday, the value of promoters' holding in the market plummeted by an estimated Rs 70,000 crore, while the public shareholders lost over Rs 50,000 crore.

The public shareholders lost a growing amount of more than Rs 35,000 crore in 30 blue chip stocks alone, which constitute the benchmark index Sensex. The promoters' holding in the 30 Sensex stocks fell by over Rs 25,000 crore.

Among the major stocks, Reliance Industries lost close to Rs 7,800 crore from its market worth, including a loss of Rs 4,300 crore from the value of public shareholding.

Other major losers included TCS (Rs 7,200 crore), ITC (Rs 5,200 crore), NTPC (Rs 4,500 crore), Infosys (Rs 4,000 crore), ICICI Bank (Rs 3,900 crore), L&T (Rs 3,500 crore) and  Bharti Airtel (Rs 3,000 crore).