New Delhi: People getting government allotted residences may now have a say in the quality of maintenance work done by private contractors as the Central Public Works Department is working on a scheme in this regard.

The CPWD officials gave this assurance to the Central Information Commission which expressed concern on "almost no supervision" of maintenance works done by private contractors because allottees of government accommodation have no say in the work done by them.

The case relates to an information seeker R S Goel, who sought the intervention of the transparency panel as his plea asking for details regarding repair works done by CPWD was not properly answered.

Terming it an "important issue", Information Commissioner Deepak Sandhu pointed out that allottees are not kept informed of the nature or level of service to which the allottee is entitled and the time-frame in which they will be delivered.

She said huge sums of money are issued by the government to private contractors "with almost no supervision" as the limited staff of the CWPD cannot keep an eye of hundreds of flats under its jurisdiction and allottee kept out of picture.

Exercising her powers under the RTI Act, she recommended the Director General of the CPWD ensure that allottees are given monitoring role in the works done by private contractors.

"Enable the terms and conditions of the contracts awarded to be made transparent so that through a partnership model, the allottee can share the responsibility of monitoring and supervising the work of the contractor to ensure the most efficient execution of the awarded job and to receive maximum returns on expenditure made from public funds," she said.

The Superintendent Engineer has informed that Commission that a Seveottam Scheme is being developed by the CPWD with similar objectives.

"The superintendent engineer...has informed the Commission that he is developing a Seveottam Scheme which creates a platform for the allottee's participation. He is directed to furnish a copy of the draft scheme to the Commission within four weeks," she said with instructions that the panel be kept abreast with the progress made.