In order to increase iPhone 5C sales, various private retailers are offering the buy-back scheme in India. Apple has, however, not offered any such scheme. The scheme starts with a minimum buy-back offer of Rs 12,000.

Recently research firm Gartner said that Apple's iconic brand iPhone's latest offering 5c is 'too highly priced' for emerging markets like India, aiding iPhone 4S to be the volume driver.
However, the firm said, in mature markets like the US and Europe the price difference between the iPhone 5C and 5S is not enough.
"In emerging markets, the iPhone 4S will continue to be the volume driver at the low end as the lack of subsidy in most markets leaves the iPhone 5C too highly priced to help drive further penetration," Gartner said.
In India, Apple is selling 16 GB iPhone 5C at Rs 41,900 and 32 GB variant at Rs 53,500, while, iPhone 5S is available at Rs 53,500 (16GB), Rs 63,500 (32 GB) and Rs 71,500 (64 GB).
"Gartner believes the price difference between the iPhone 5c and 5s is not enough in mature markets, where prices are skewed by operator subsidies, to drive users away from the top of the line model," it added.