Two groups of 75 IPS officers undergoing training at SVP National Police Academy in Hyderabad recently visited the Israel National Police Academy to learn about their techniques and best practices, local security sources said.
"They were also exposed to Israeli companies dealing in Home Land security products by SIBAT, the defence ministry's arm that coordinates such work, and taken around the country to show how Mishmar HaGvul (Israel's border security forces) manages the complex situation around Israel's borders," they said.
It is the first time that IPS officers have visited Israel as part of their training programme which involves exposure to foreign police organisations.
The IPS trainees were earlier sent to Singapore and Japan for similar purposes.
"It was a good exposure as we could see some live situations where use of technology was put to good use to prevent possible attacks," one visiting trainee said.
The groups also visited Jerusalem and Ben Gurion airport to learn about community policing and security of important installations.

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