Lucknow: Taking lesson from the turmoil in Lucknow police, though at lower level, IPS and PPS associations have decided to join hands together and keep their differences aside to ward off the prospects of any disarray in the state police force. The fresh move is aimed at keeping the credibility of the force intact. It has also been decided to form a Moral Responsibility Committee to put all the grievances aside.

The Committee comprises the current and retired officers of both the IPS and PPS cadres along with the key members of the society.

In a joint-meeting of both the cadres, resolutions were passed on ten key issues including a demand for the new police act. It was also decided in the meeting to empower the committee to the extent that it will be able to make the officers realize their mistakes.

The officers of both the cadres expressed their serious concerns over declining prestige of DGP and one of the resolutions was related to restoring the reputation of the state police chief. It was also decided to implement the recommendations of the various commissions for police reforms. The officers pressed for rewriting the police acts.

PPS officers complained that their power is not in tune with their profile. They demanded to be authorized to decide on the transfer and posting of the Police Inspectors, SIs, ASIs and constables besides the other powers to write the ACR of the police personnel.

It was also decide to simplify the terms and conditions of deployment of the police personnel.