"We are definitely going to add two cities next year, we have had a lot of interest now, we have had four cities ready to sign on the dotted line by the end of next month," said Bhupathi after the conclusion of the IPTL's Singapore leg.

"Unfortunately we can't do all four (by next year) for the sustainability of slow and steady growth, so we'll take two and announce them when we announce our players week of February 1," said the former India player.
The League travels to New Delhi (December 6-8) after "success"of Manila and Singapore. The fourth and final leg of the inaugural edition takes place in Dubai from December 11-13.

The India round is likely to generate maximum interest with the participation of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Pete Sampras confirmed.

Bhupathi was also asked about the availability of players for all legs. Federer and Djokovic were not present in Manila and Singapore.

"The franchise is the one who pick the teams, not me, if they're going to spend the money, it should not put a strain on the finances," said Bhupathi.

"Eventually our format will evolved into something like that. Today it's cost and time prohibitive to have a Roger Federer play every event, I think you guys know that as well as I do so.

"We think we have achieved something out of the box here that's very challenging, we really have to be realistic in the realm of what is possible and what is not, I think we are very blessed to have the likes of the Federer's and Maria's (Sharapova) and Djokovic playing the league, which gives it a lot of profile and respect," added the former Grand Slam doubles winner.

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