Washington: The United States has said that Iran has not been able to live up to its commitments under international law to prove that its pursuit of nuclear technology is for peaceful purposes.

"Iran has failed to live up to its obligations under international law, to prove that its pursuit of nuclear technology is for peaceful means. There is ample evidence to the contrary," the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

"We are engaged in a process with our allies to try to bring about a change in behaviour by the regime in Tehran.  As part of that process, we have instituted the most stringent and broad sanctions regime in the history of the world. That is both unilaterally and with our allies, and through the United Nations and through different means," he said.

He said US has stated that there remains time for Iran to choose a path of engaging with the international community and abandoning its nuclear weapons ambitions, but that time is not unlimited. "We obviously monitor the situation very closely with our allies," he said.

Meanwhile, local media reported that Iran has blocked Gmail services in the country. Additionally, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) has stopped functioning and internet users in Iran are facing serious problems accessing various external websites.


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