Tehran (Agencies): Iran's opposition leaders came out fighting on Wednesday amid calls they be executed over fatal protests in Tehran, issuing statements slamming the authorities and praising demonstrators.

Iranian authorities have accused the two leaders, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, for violence on Tuesday after they called for a rally which turned into deadly anti-government protests in which two people were killed and several were wounded.

Furious lawmakers and a leading cleric accused them of being behind the cruelty and said they should be hanged.

"I declare that I am not afraid of any kind of threat and as a soldier of this great nation for the past almost 50 years, I am ready to pay any price," Karroubi, once a pillar of the regime, said in a statement posted on his website Sahamnews.org.

He added further that Iran's rulers must take "lessons from the destiny of those governments who distanced themselves from the people."

In a separate statement on his own website Kaleme.com, Mousavi slammed the authorities and praised the protesters for turning out in Monday's rally.