With the temporary deal set to expire at midnight tonight Vienna time, diplomats said they were planning to complete and announce a final agreement before day's end. But, they warned there was no guarantee with several issues still unresolved. The deadline for the end of the current round of negotiations has already been extended three times and the diplomats said there was little appetite for a fourth.

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister, Abbas Aragchi, told reporters in Vienna that the talks are at their 'final breathtaking moments (but) certain issues still remain.' In Brussels, French President Francois Hollande said the sides are near agreement but 'a gap' remains.

The Foreign Ministers of Russia and China, who had left the talks last week, both returned to the Austrian capital late yesterday, and most other foreign ministers of the seven nations at the table also were in Vienna today, in place for any announcement. "The Foreign Ministers are gathered to bring negotiations to a conclusion," stated Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

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