Syria's main Opposition group, the National Coalition, accused the government of "massacring" more than 1,300 people in chemical weapons attacks on Wednesday.
"The situation prevailing in Syria today and the death of a certain number of innocent people caused by chemical weapons is very distressing," Rowhani said.
Rowhani added that Iran, itself a victim of chemical attacks in its 1980-1988 war with Iraq, vigorously condemned the use of chemical weapons.
During the conflict, chemical strikes by the Iraqi armed forces killed thousands of Iranians, particularly in civilian areas.
"The Islamic republic of Iran, which was the victim of chemical weapons, asks the international community to do everything to stop the use of these weapons anywhere in the world," Rowhani said.
The President did not say who might be responsible for the use of chemical weapons, but Iran's Foreign Ministry rejected claims the Syrian regime, its chief regional ally, had deployed chemical weapons, saying if such an attack were proven rebels would be responsible.


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