New Delhi: Even as the government and the political parties have buckled under the pressure of anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, the Members of Parliament are irked over the remarks made against them by some of the supporters of the Gandhian activist.

The MPs have expressed unhappiness over certain use of words from the dais against them by a few supporters of Anna. They have decided to raise the issue in the House on Monday as ‘an infringement of their privileges’.

It is believed that the remarks on Friday at the Ramlila Ground like ‘illiterate’ and ‘rustic’ about the MPs and different representatives had irked the leaders of Samajwadi party and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) to an extent that they had thought of raising the issue in the Parliament on Saturday, but it was not given enough importance as Lokpal was already into discussion.

RJD MP Rajniti Prasad, however, had made a futile effort to raise the issue.

Notably, Bollywood actor Om Puri had criticized the politicians in his speech on Friday and Kiran Bedi even advised the MPs to cover themselves under veil.

Meanwhile, it is expected that the issue, which was kept aside due to Anna’s fast, may again be a matter of discussion in the ongoing session of Parliament on Monday.