Irom Sharmila also said that she wants to join politics as she has been called the 'Iron Lady' of Manipur and she wants to live up to that name. She will contest the 2017 Assembly elections as an independent.

Reports say that some local and national parties have sent feelers to her. She has not responded yet. "Everyone knows that politics is dirty. I don't want anything about politics. I want independent candidates to come with me," she said.

Sharmila also broke down and said that she is not a Goddess but a normal human being.

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She said that she is not happy with the current situation in the state and her fight against the AFSPA will continue. In her message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she asked him to "govern with fatherly affection, non-violence."

Sharmila, who has been on fast unto death since November 4, 2000 demanding the repeal of AFSPA, told a court that she wants to end her fast. She was released on bail on Tuesday. Later, she signed a bond for Rs 10,000. Earlier, Sharmila said that she is looked at as a "strange person".
"I am being seen as a strange woman. Why can't people see me as an ordinary person? I am cut off from everyone," she said.

She also expressed her desire to get married.

The civil rights activist is known to have a boyfriend, a British national of Indian origin, who has in the past been in trouble with Sharmila supporters.

On the charge of attempting suicide by means of a fast unto death in 2006 at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, she has been arrested, released, and then re-arrested from time to time.

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