The Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax) all-India body, in a two-page letter to Kejriwal, also points out that he had technically never worked in the post of a Commissioner of Income Tax.
"Contrary to your claims, you have never worked as Commissioner and your batch has still not been promoted to (the rank of) Commissioners of Income Tax," the association tells Kejriwal in its letter.

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It also expressed "strong anguish and hurt" over one particular statement attributed to Kejriwal, which was quoted in the letter, in which the AAP leader says that, "As Commissioner, I could have made crores and travelled in a car fitted with a beacon light. But I left the service and decided to serve the nation".
Reacting to the above, the association said that, "The statements being attributed to you cast aspersions on the whole of the department."The association wishes to remind you that no department or organization is corrupt or honest, it is the individuals who may be so," the letter states while pointing out that he should not forget that his wife was a member of the same IRS family.
"In these circumstances, we request you to desist from making such statements in public and in the print and electronic media, otherwise we will be constrained to take steps to protect our image," the association said.
The IRS (I-T) at present has over 4,000 members and officers.

In its letter, the Indian Revenue Service Association (All India Body), said that Kejriwal's statements were "defaming and maligning" the department.
"The IRS Association takes cognizance of and conveys its strong anguish and hurt at various statements being attributed to you which malign the image of the Income Tax department and its employees, blaming them for corruption in a generalized manner through media, including various TV and radio channels," IRSA General Secretary RK Gupta says in the letter, which was also signed by its President, Dileep Shivpuri.


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IRS association hits out at Kejriwal over corruption barb