With party convenor Arvind Kejriwal hell bent on assembly elections in the national capital, heartened by the response to AAP’s August 3 rally at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, and with the party volunteers already gearing up for elections in December, the question that revolves in people’s minds right now is whether the party is going to pull off a spectacular renaissance or whether Delhites have had enough of them?

The AAP has seen its fair share of setbacks during its small but eventful political journey. While some of party’s prominent faces like Shazia Ilmi, founding member Madhu Bhandari, national executive member Ashok Agarwal etc have deserted the party in the last few months citing several reasons, there have also been reports that point out towards the lack of cohesion in the party.

However, with the emergence of new faces in the party like its vivacious MP from Sangrur – Bhagwant Mann who has so far created all the right noises, a renewed sense of vigour can be observed in the AAP volunteers on the ground.

Even the experts are not ruling out AAP from the political battleground yet and they are of the opinion that the party may be currently down, but it still enjoys significant support – something which can be corroborated by the rise in its vote share in the Lok Sabha elections this year.

AAP had won a total of 29.3 per cent votes in the Delhi assembly elections last year, winning 28 seats. In the Lok Sabha elections this year, party’s vote share went up to 32.9 percent but it couldn’t convert them into seats as the Kejriwal-led party drew a blank.

It’s perhaps one of the worst kept secrets that the AAP had eaten into Congress’ vote share as it was clear from the fact that the grand old party saw its vote share drop from 24.6 percent to 15.1 percent.

With the BJP shilly-shallying on conducting Assembly elections in Delhi, the AAP sees a lifeline to which it has clung tightly in a bid to give itself a new lease of life.

Kejriwal has been vociferously talking up a political nexus between Congress and the BJP to save their tainted leaders – a move which is seen in the political circuits as a desperate attempt.

The AAP had slammed the Modi-led NDA government for "ignoring" the CAG indictment of Kerala Governor and former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit and alleged that there was a deal between BJP and Congress to protect "corrupt" leader.


AAP has fervently batted for fresh assembly elections in Delhi
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BJP shilly-shallying on fresh Assembly elections
Arvind Kejriwal claims political nexus between BJP, Congress
Rejuvenated AAP looking for change in fortunes in Delhi
Delhi has been under President’s Rule since February

The party has demanded dissolution of the Delhi assembly and has vehemently batted for fresh elections. The national capital has been under President’s rule since February when the Kejriwal-led government had resigned only after 49 days in power.

The Congress’ shambolic performance in the national capital, in both Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, has clearly relegated it to the status of the third party and with BJP still not confident of repeating its splendid showing in the elections, the AAP is leaving no stones unturned in turning on the heat on the Centre.

And whether its efforts would pay dividends or not, it remains to be seen.

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