Mumbai: Katrina is spending a lot of time at the Yashraj Studio discussing her career with Aditya Chopra
Although Aditya Chopra is younger than Salman Khan, Katrina reverently calls him “Adi Sir". That doesn't come as a surprise as the reticent Chopra is currently advising Katrina on her career moves.

Katrina has been slated to be the leading lady of Yash Chopra's next directorial venture which will star Shah Rukh Khan, thereby bringing to fruition Katrina's dream of breaking the embargo on her pairing with SRK because of Salman having had a place in her life.

Salman's  non-ambiguous declarations about his single status has liberated Katrina from the obligation of keeping up appearance of them being together. She's now pursuing her heart unfettered, especially when it comes to her career. And, at the moment her heart is set on the film with SRK.

Not only Aditya Chopra, Yashraj's favourite leading lady Rani Mukherjee too has taken to Katrina in a big way. There's a big bonding between the two actresses, and Katrina is certainly not seen as a threat to the senior actress.

In fact, both Rani and Aditya have "adopted" Katrina. Much in the same way that Salman and his family had earlier “adopted" her.

All her waking hours are spent at Yashraj Studios where she is polishing up her clothes, lines and character-contouring for the film. Even otherwise, Katrina these days loves spending time at Yashraj getting gyan from "Adi Sir" who is closer to her generation than "Yash Uncle"(Yash Chopra).

When asked about her proximity to Yashraj and Aditya Chopra, Katrina says, "I am very close to them. Adi Sir is someone I look up to and seek advice from.

For all my reputation of delivering hits, I'm still new to the industry and the odd one out. I don't have too many friends in Mumbai. That's why I constantly need a family member around me."