Marking its importance in keeping the friendships, Mark Zuckerberg renamed Facebook's birthday as 'Friends Day'. While celebrating its 12th birthday on Feburary 4, Mark Zuckerberg named the day as 'Friends Day.'

To go more on it, he further cited the examples how Facebook has helped in keeping people together across the oceans. The social media giant came up with an exclusive video for all its users that showcased the pictures of the individuals along with their friends.

The website surely keeps a track of all the activities as the pictures embedded in the video were of those that one connects with very often. Being a good friend, Facebook made sure that the undesirable pictures can be edited from the video.

Though Facebook is the best method to stay connected, but has the ease of connecting virtually affected the real-life friendships? Engaging into the friendships of virtual world, the need to connect with people personally has dropped to quite big level.

To blame the laziness or the convenience from Facebook, how far is it true that the friendship is being restricted to the computer screens. In such a scenario, is is really fair to term Facebook's birthday as #FriendsDay?


Vasavi Dhir/JPN