An insider says, “Manoj has played quite a big role in 'Tevar'. Since he was playing an important character, the makers had convinced him for a long shoot schedule. He was also happy to reunite with his former co-star, Sanjay Kapoor, who is producing the film. However, he is upset to see that he has not been given much importance in the first poster. Now it is to be seen how many of his scenes are retained in the final edit.”

Apparently, the actor expressed his displeasure before the production team and the issue has been sorted out.

The source says, “He told the producers that he hasn’t got enough publicity and got the matter sorted out. Some of his scenes were later added in the promo.”

Another source close to the project says the publicity campaign has been planned in a unique way and the characters would be introduced one after the other.

“We have some interesting events designed for Manoj and his character will be revealed next month,” adds the source.

Manoj denies the buzz about feeling ignored while Sanjay says, “It is the most bizarre rumour I have ever heard and it is not true.”

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