Apart from controlling the traffic, the government should also implement some other initiatives that will help in reducing the air pollution level.

Delhi government should focus on increasing the number of CNG stations so that people don't have to travel far for fuel. Also, there should be a provision for subsidy to the CNG vehicle purchase. One more thing is that people using CNG cars should be allowed to travel on all days.

The government must implement strict measures to clear the haze that hangs over the city. Pollution checking should be taken to another level by applying  more strictness.

Heavy vehicles should not be allowed in the city like trucks that cause more pollution. Old vehicles should be banned to ply on the roads.

To control air quality in the city, there should be strict control on industrial emissions. Industries in Delhi and most importantly the thermal plant in Badarpur area should be shifted to other places. The pollution check must be made mandatory in the industrial units.

Public transport fares must be reasonable to promote people avoid their personal vehicles. Public transportation must be strengthened.

Last but not the least we should also follow other countries' initiatives to reduce pollution if possible like Beijing has relocated industries and thermal plants far away from the city.

Harshita Sharma/JPN

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